Tuesday, 20 February 2007

painting lull

Well it's been a while since I completed or posted anything. My father has been ill, so I have been down to visit and now we have the plumbers in.

Current work in progress
  • Vietnam helicopters - a LOACH and HUEY
  • A Napoleonic vignette of Polish troops (Strelets) with a HaT ambulance
  • An Odemars Guillotine
Just starting
  • Strelets RCW (WW1) Russian Hussars
  • Red box Afghans
  • Polish Rennaisance Infantry (Haiduks) using Zvesda Strelets (plus a few Strelets figures)
  • 2 x 37mm AT guns for my German Para & DAK
  • Austrian Jagers for the French Revolution period


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