Monday, 16 April 2007

On the workbench (April)

Progress is quite slow given the good weather and the backlog of outside work needing to be done. Current work on
  • More WW2 Trenches (almost finished)
  • Macedonian Thacian Peltasts with 2HCW needed to boost my Alexandrian macedonian with the right looking figures. Using Hat Thracians.
  • Red box Afghans - only slow progress on these since last month.
  • The figures to go with the Odemars Guillotine - even slower progress here

Plus I'm about to start on the 15mm Visigoths (that my elder daughter promised to paint several years ago) and I hope my eyesight can cope. (I've also just discovered some 6mm Visigoths in my stash as well, but they seem less intimidating)


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