Saturday, 14 April 2007

Periods played

Thought I ought to summarise what I've got and play with, e.g. frighteningly large amounts of some periods and gaps in others

20/25mm Ancients - Ancient British/Gauls, Greek Hoplites, Roman and recently Macedonian, various saxons/normans and medievals.

6mm Ancients (based for 15mm DBA so 4 times the figures per base) - Byzantine, Huns, Sassanid, Norman, Saxon, Viking.

20mm Conquistadores & Aztecs20mm TYW - Swedes/Saxons and Imperialists25mm ECW a foot & horse regiment for each side

6mm ECW both armies (based for 15mm DBR so 4 times the figures per base)

25mm ECW an infantry and cavalry regiment for either side

20mm SYW - Prussian & Austrian

20mm AWI - British/German/Loyalist & Rebel/French

20mm Napoleonics - Austrian, British/Portuguese, French & their Allies, Prussian, Russian, Brunswick. (over 6,000 figures)

20mm ACW – Union & Confederate (based for Fire & Fury)

20mm Colonial – British & Zulu

6mm WW1 – German & Russian (never used)

20mm WW1 – various units for east Africa, plus British, French, German, Austrian and Russian

20mm Interwars - Reds and Whites for the RCW (current area for expansion) plus French v’s Rifs

20mm WW2 – where to start? Early War British, French German and Russian, Late war British, US, German and Russian. For the Mediterranean both British and Axis (mainly Italian). Plus Romanians, Japanese and other oddments

6mm WW2 – Desert – British & DAK, Eastern Front German & Russian

20mm Modern – Vietnam US & NVA/VC and working on some figures for AK47

plus various naval forces for various periods.


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