Saturday, 5 May 2007

On the workbench (May)

Yes, another month and time to move on with my painting, etc. I made a new years resolution to reduce the number of figures in my stash (either by painting or passing on/selling) and also to complete the 15mm Visigoth army I bought years ago. (my older daughter was supposed to have painted it but that's a long story)

So in progress/planned for may
  • 15mm Visigoths (about 125 figures)
  • 20mm Senegalese for rapid fire
  • Finish the Guillotine

That's probably enough, given I'm off to Delft for Murphy Mania for the weekend and going sailing for a week.

I did consider working on my TYW lobsters using Tumbling dice figures but they look too large compared to the rest of the Revell figures so I will have to rethink my options with these.


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