Saturday, 23 June 2007

Phalanx 2007

To me it seemed as busy as in the best September events. It was a different mix of traders, but the bring and buy had some good deals for once, I got some, but the vultures were in action as usual. The best buy was some excellent WW2 Vehicles with tanks at 3.00GBP; Trucks at 2.00GBP and Jeeps/Beeps were 1.00 GBP. And the Beeps were what I needed so I got 4 for the price of the standard kit which I picked up elsewhere at the show. I also got a couple of 250s for 3.00GBP each

I also picked up one of the new Frontline jeeps, the ambulance version for 3.00GBP. I don't need it but it'll look good on the table.

Under the Bed/Reiver had some nice figures so if I need any extra Italians for the 2008 big game I'll be getting some of them.

Ironclad Miniatures have some nice trenches sections, with some bunkers planned, (something for later) and I picked a supply dump set for 3.00GBP

Books, I picked up: Battleground - Walcheren 3.00GBP ; Osprey late Ottoman Armies 5.00 GBP and Volume 1 of the Touching History Terrain Guides for 5.00GBP.

Spent less than planned as very few traders had what I wanted. But well worth seeing everything in the flesh, helps when I get around to buying via on the next visit or on the internet.

The big regret was none of the traders were selling the latest plastic figure releases so I'm off to harfields to put an order in.

It was a great show for meeting up with people, I met a number of friends that I hadn't seen for years.

I'll post up some bits here early next week, but tomorrow I'm off to save Vienna from the Ottomans (or do I have to take Vienna?)


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Grand-duke Douglas of Noverre said...

Well done with the blog, just started the blogging habit, seems addictive. Nice to see plastics in use. Regards Douglas