Sunday, 12 August 2007

I'm back from Scotland/Claymore

I've just had a week off in Scotland, given the poor weather there, my wife and I have spent most of our time in the lowlands, on the one good day we climbed Ben Ledi. Most of the rest of the time was spent on coastal walks and cycling.

On the Saturday we had a day off in Edinburgh, absorbing the atmosphere of the festival and for me escaping to the Claymore show. Claymore is a bit like Delft, a good friendly show, there was very little in the way of what I consider interesting games being put on (but this might be a quiet year from my perspective). The bring and buy was almost a scrum and despite my "best" intentions I picked up a bag of figures to complete my second US airborne battalion for Rapid Fire and a copy of Steel Inferno by Michael Reynolds. The former turned out to be a very useful purchase as in addition to 2 complete packs of Esci US paratroops and an Airfix half track, there was a complete pack of Revell British Paratroops and a pack of Revell US Ardennes Infantry, just missing some heavy weapons, all for GBP 3.00! The latter book is a great read/reference and seeing it for GBP 3.00 it was an obvious purchase.

I also picked up a couple of the Frontline Sdkfz 250s from Under the Bed (their entire stock), they are lovely models and I can't wait to build/paint them. I resisted the LVT-2's but they are very tempting.

Part way through the week we cycled into Edinburgh on the Union Canal and I found Wonderland models, I thought this sort of model shop had ceased to exist but here was a real one, unfortunately I'd already stocked up on my requirements. see

Arriving home I found a packet from Steve with a donation of some left-over plastics, My plan is that the SYW cavalry will become part of my resurrected Frundberg Frei Stadt army and the TYW limber will be used for my renaissance cossacks.


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Steve said... there anything finer than seeing figures that have laid dormant in a spares box, finally getting to battle their way across the tabletop....???! :o)