Monday, 13 August 2007

On the workbench - August

It's going to be a short month, given a week away, but there are lots of figures on the bench.

The Janissaries are nearly finished, just the officers, etc to complete.

I've started on the foot cossacks and artillery from Odemars, these will be dual purpose units for use in either the Renaissance or against the French in Egypt/Syria.

Then there are a number of Spanish Guerrillas that I've started given that I'm painting other irregulars means I can add odd colours as i go on.

Finally I must assemble and paint the two Sdkfz 250/1's I acquired at Claymore (and decide how many more I need!)

As part of updating my Napoleonic Prussian army I've also started repainting some figures as a silesian infantry regiment


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