Saturday, 3 November 2007

Polish Registered Cossacks

I found the equivalent of these on the wab-ramblings site ( unit1 & unit 2 ) and I had to do the same and provide my renaissance Polish hussars with some light cavalry support. In my case the figures used were HaT Napoleonic Cossacks

I had forgotten the thin legs on the horses and the need to pin the body to reduce flexing in use, as most of the recent horse models I have used have been well positioned with two strong points of contact with the base and sometimes three/four. As the plastic was old and quite stiff I actually had to drill a pilot hole for the pin.

What I still need is some free cossacks, but for these I need the Orion Cossack figures (promised shortly) and some pancerni, but unfortunately nothing is easily available in plastic yet.


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