Thursday, 31 January 2008

Churchill IV NA75

I had been needing one more Churchill to "complete" my collection and I was planning to buy one of the Resin ones from Frontline who I have used for a lot of my WW2 vehicles that are not available as 1/76 plastic kits. However I found that Modelzone were having a sale and selling the Revell (Matchbox) Churchill AVRE for £1-99. I was already using some of these as basic AVREs without the bridge and using some old spare gun turrets for when I needed them as part of my Churchill squadron. However I had run out of spare turrets, but some research turned up the fact that the Churchills that were used in North Africa with the 6pdr gun and upgraded to 75mm were the Mark IV version, which was the same model used for the AVRE.
So a nice simple conversion job, just adding the gun and mantlet from a leftover Airfix Sherman, plus carving off the bridge mountings from the lowere hull and it's done. The commander came from a Fujimi Valentine.


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