Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Review of 2007

Well it's time to look back and see what I have achieved over the last year.

20mm split by type:
  • 1145 Infantry/Gunners
  • 297 Cavalry
  • 71 Vehicles, Guns and Aircraft
  • Plus a variety of terrain pieces
By period
  • 328 Renaissance (Moved forward by completing lots more TYW cavalry, Ottomans and Cossacks)
  • 215 War of Spanish Succession (Brand new period, now well under way)
  • 210 Ancients (Completed my Macedonians and they've been relatively successful so far)
  • 168 Revolutionary wars ( Dominantly for the French and Mamelukes in Egypt)
  • 166 WW2 ( a whole set of bits and pieces to fill in various gaps in my armies, seems a never ending task!)
  • 153 Napoleonic (Concerned with completing/tidying up my Prussian army, now 1,100 strong)
  • 125 WW1/RCW (Dominated by a new force of Ottomans for this period and Back of Beyond games))
  • 51 Modern (Some African infantry plus some bits for Vietnam)
  • 49 Colonial (Afghans)
  • 36 Medieval (The Normans and Bretons just completed)
  • 14 ACW (The Union mounted staff officers from Strelets)

There were also 124 Visigoths in 15mm. Interesting that I worked on virtually all the main periods, except for the SYW/AWI, quite a surprise really that this was the only period I missed.

Happy new Year



Steve said...

Happy new year Will - fantastic o/p for 2007, but definitely looking forward to more AWI posts this year..

Larry said...

That's an impressive collection you have. It's nice to see someone who takes 1/72 as seriously as you do.

Fire at Will said...

Thanks guys.

Steve, I've already got one AWI plan in progress having seen the Monthmouth game on Tarletons Quarter, it's an idea I've had for quite a while.

Larry, 1/72 was originally a question of economics and the fact that I started before 25mm (Minifigs S range) really got going.