Sunday, 24 February 2008

Latest aquisitions

Although I'm heavily involved with DIY, I managed to send off an order to Harfields for some figures, prompted by receiving the latest catalogue with some 2nd hand bits I "need". So what did I get/plan to do with them?
  • 2 sets of Airfix ACW Artillery (without limbers) - I just need some more guns and crews for some Fire & Fury scenarios
  • 1 x HaT Alexander's Light Infantry - I've got a bit bored with my lack of archers and confusing my opponent by using staff slingers in the mix.
  • 1 x HaT French Field Forge - 3 models, so I'll just one for my French, I haven't decided exactly what to do with the others but probably one will be done for use in the SYW.
  • 1 x HaT French Wurst Wagon - One to be used as is, and the others for "flying artillery"
  • 1/2 x HaT German Artillery - a couple of 77mm guns for use with my Volksgrenadiers for the Bulge Rapid Fire game
  • 4 x Orion Cossack Cavalry - the critical purchase for use with my Renaissance/Deluge armies, wither directly as cossacks, or various balkan light cavalry. I think that a couple of figures are suitable for Pancerni to add to my Poles and others are suitable for Polish commanders. Based on this I'm going to need for of these excellent figures.
  • 1 x Strelets Guides of Napoleon - one of those short lived units, the Eclaireursof the Imperial Guard only fought in 1813/4
  • Strelets-R Turkish Seljukes Cavalry - More bits to mix in with my Mameluke/Ottoman army.


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