Monday, 4 February 2008

Vapanartak 2008 (4)

Finally from Vapa, some pictures of the North Hull groups game, full of nice ideas for my western desert stuff and the big game


Larry said...

Wow, very nice board. Were any of the minis your Will?

Fire at Will said...

Larry, regretably none were mine. North Hull usually put on a good WW2 demo game using their Panzer Marsch rules. See


Steve said... that is a lovely looking game - appreciate you were involved, but is that your favourite game of the day? Also tell me more about the Battleaxe game - I'm assuming it wasn't on at Vapa??

Fire at Will said...

Steve, the Battleaxe game is planned for mid-June and run by the Society of Gentlemen Wargamers. This is their third big game using Rapid Fire rules, but I haven't been involved before. Their two previous games were Normandy and Arnhem.

Details of the game can be found on the website under "big game event 2008"