Sunday, 10 February 2008

Virtual stop

Well it's been quite a week with virtually nothing done wargaming wise as the kitchen is being refitted. I'm half way through pinning the parthian horse archers. This involves driving a ordinary pin up through the base of the horse, straight through the body of the horse and then into the rider. If I aim correctly I can drive the pin through the centre of the saddle.

Why pinning? I use it whenever there is inadequate support for the horse, which is usually when less than three legs are on the ground. In this case the gluable plastic flexes so much that I'm sure the paint will flake quickly, especially on singly mounted figures. With the harder plast used by Italeri, Zvesda and previously Hat I've not had to bother much in recent years. I used to be a constant necessity with my old Airfix figures. The upside of the soft plastic is that pinned right through the horse is easy and hence the abity to fix the rider on the same pin. I was having problems welding the riders in place with a hot pin so this technique has worked out OK.

I have also started assembling the Pegasus log buildings, and it's become apparent that they are far too large for my normal 20mm gaming, so I'm trying to decide the best means of disposal at minimal loss.

Back to the DIY now



andygamer said...

Good luck with your work--both on the kitchen and on the figures.

Larry said...

That's a good idea for the horses Will, thanks. I too am very disappointed in the new plastic that HaT is using.