Thursday, 13 March 2008

A few WW2 bits

While continuing with the Parthians, I've been painting a few bits on the side.

My WW2 US forces are still a bits short of heavier weapons, so I've added a couple more bazooka teams and a 60mm mortar. The figures are mainly Esci, but includes an old stalwart from the first Airfix US Marines pack. In the background is my latest impulse purchase. It's a Classix Ford Thames ET6 Dropside, which looked so similar to the Ford V300 needed for the Bulge scenario "Deception at Malmedy"

The real reason for buying the truck was the need to buy the Classix Ford E83W Estate, after Simon on the Society of Gentlemen Gamers used one to create an Italian ambulance. For the big game I would also need one for Brescia. Also in view are my recent acquisitions from Ready to Roll, a Camionetta Desertica light truck and two Fiat Dovunque trucks with 20mm AA portee. The later still need the bases painted and some crew acquired.



Steve said...

....not only do they (still) build fine cars, but the Italians also produced never less than interesting military vehicles for the desert campaign...... looks like your preparations are well advanced for the big game...

generalgrant said...

They look really good Will. Very impressed with your painting. Good photo too.

How much WW2 equipment and infantry have you got?

Don't know if you went to Triples this weekend but there was an excellent Rapid Fire! game there in the Octagon by the Derby Wargames Society. They used one of Mark Piper's scenarios - Operation Goodwood; North-East of Bourguebus Ridge, Normandy 1944. I took photos but may not blog/website them till I'm sure the magazines are not interested.

Only other photos of WW2 I have are Blitzkrieg Commander games at the Grimsby Club - with more yet to upload.


Jason Neilsen

Fire at Will said...

Cheers Jason, I do check your Grimsby site and blog from time to time. We also met briefly at Triples last year when you were photographing the Curtleys Mongol v's Japanese game. I was on sentry-go for the L&L and the game at the time.

As for WW2 equipment (my wife would say too much) about 3,000 figures and 700 vehicles and guns. But of course I never have enough of the right ones fora particular scenario