Wednesday, 28 May 2008


After checking my Italians for the big game I found that I was still missing some bits, so some quick reinforcements by post were required. Unfortunately I couldn't make Partizan so everything was ordered over the internet, which is never as good as seeing the real thing at a show. The other problem, is that I tend to add more to the order to "spread the postage charges".

What has arrived so far

From Hannants

2 x Attack Tatra T-57K Kubelwagens for Italian staff cars
1 x Attack Phanomen Granit 25H Ambulance for an Italian radio vehicle
2 x Hasegawa GMC Dump Truck to complete my RF US Engineer battalion
1 x Italeri Mongol Cavalry because they look nice
1 x Pegasus 75mm IG18 I'm sure I need another one
1 x Pegasus KV1S Just to try, since they are 1/72 they may be oversized compared to my 1/76 Fujimi ones
1 x Pegasus SU152 Ditto

From Rapid Fire/Ready to Roll - a couple of Camionetta Desertica light trucks for Italian Artillery prime movers ( I would have liked 3 but this was all that was available)

Still in Transit are some Italian AT Rifles, Breda AA Crews and a couple of extra guns 100mm Skodas


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