Sunday, 22 June 2008

Another big game? - Napoleonic

So on the Sunday after Phalanx it was over to Steve's in Manchester for a traditional big game. This year a recreation of Borodino with nearly 4,000 15mm figures on the table, unfortunately there was insufficient time to fight it to a conclusion using Shako rules within the time of individuals needed to travel back down south.

The main point of French attack the fleches defended by Bagration.
A view of the entire battlefield with the Ravesky redoubt on the left hand hill

Of course as Russians, I was Kutusov, our objective was fulfilled, fighting the French to a standstill.
Here's another view taken by Phil of me "in action" with the Russians used on the SOA Blog Ancients on the move


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rpardo said...

Wowww... a big big project isn'it?