Saturday, 9 August 2008

AWI Southern Brigade 1781

Just completed some new figures to use in my Southern battles of the AWI. It's a combined brigade comprising Huger's (1st & 2nd Maryland) and William's (4th & 5th Virginia) brigades. Like all my continental regulars I depict them in a common uniform, which is not correct, but it's the way I started in the period over 30 years ago and it makes it easy to identify the units. The flags came from two sources Warflag for the 1st MD, and Dansk Figurspilsforenings (see downloads) for the 2nd MD and Virgina flags. The latter were adapted slightly using MS paint to give different background colours.

The Maryland regiments (front rank) are very much as documented, but there is much less on the Virginia regiments (rear rank), so I depicted the 4th in the standard continental uniform for Virginia and the other I used artistic license and copied the uniform used in Tarltons Quarter for the 10th Virginia (link)
As my basing seemed quite varied (link) I decided to kepp to my current style although it's more effort.


Stryker said...


They look great. Those were definitely some of my favourite Airifx figures way back when. The basing really brings out the best in them,


ColCampbell50 said...

Nicely painted units. I like the way you have converted reloading figures into standard bearers. I'll have to remember that whenever I get back to my plastic AWR figures.

Thomas said...


You make it look so easy...but I know from my own efforts (abandoned long ago) with plastics it can be a pain. Nice touch differentiating the uniforms on the various units.

By the way you could have got away with brown faced red for the 2nd Maryland as that was the uniform they came south as the Maryland Regiment Extraordinary. No big deal though, figures look great! I have a tremendous nostalgia for the old Airfox G. Washington's Army set!