Sunday, 17 August 2008

Britcon 2008

I went into Manchester yesterday to help on the Lance & Longbow stand at Britcon 2008. Once again it was Marignano 1515, but the rules were tweaked somewhat and this time the Swiss did mange to cross the ditches and take the guns before being driven back.

I didn't buy much as it's not really a traders event, however I did pick up a book on the actions in the Dodecanese in 1943, which is a period I've often thought of wargaming. The book is Churchill's Folly: Leros and the Aegean by Anthony Rogers and seems to have plenty of the necessary detail to create some scenarios.

There were quite a number of nice looking armies being used and I was stuck by one of the prizes for the FOG competition, which used figures on coloured bases to indicate unit status. Certainly more appealing than tiddlywinks that I use.



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...we had our honeymoon on Lipsos (or Lipsi) and the island we flew into to get there was Leros - lovely lovely island with a Templar or Hospitaller fort above the main port which we visited... I seem to remember there was a series of articles in "Miniature Wargames" about a fictional invasion of Leros?? Either way, what a lovely campaign to play!

AKI said...

A lot of use of GW plastic empire figures there....