Monday, 29 September 2008

ACW Limbers

Whenever possible I paint limbers to go with my artillery and with plastics it's always an economic option, but it does mean that I often end up with plenty of spare gunners. To go with the artillery painted earlier, here are the matching limbers, all using the old Airfix American Civil War figures.
During preparation a couple of horses snapped showing their age, this is something that occasionally happens, but I've never found a definate cause. Since all plastic is UV unstable over time one possible cause is that the figures have been left in daylight for a considerable period, but this doesn't explain many of my own old figures that this happens to as they are stored away in dark boxes in cupboards.



AKI said...

Snapping plastic is a known problem specifically with the old formulation Airfix figures. I've never had it happen to any of mine however and some of them date to the mid 70's. No other brand seems to be affected so I can only put it down to Airfix's plastic compound.

Giles said...

Those look really good Will. I'm also in favour of adding stuff like this to the tabletop.