Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Polish commanders

These are from the Zvezda Polish Hussar set, the central group is the actual command group provided and he will take over as the overall commander of my Poles.  The other two are just ordinary hussars but based as commanders.  I added some extra bits to fill up the bases with an Orion Janissary and a war dog from the Revell Conquistadore set

I've still got a few more bits to finish painting and I hope I'll have a clean slate by the end of the year


Andrew said...

I've been wanting to start a Renaissance Polish army for a while now. I am 1/4 Polish, so I was pleased to learn that my ancestor's army looked so darn cool. The hussars are brilliant, but no one makes 1/72 Polish foot soldiers, correct?

P.S. My plastic DBA armies are in boxes. This works well because they are are on large bases and don't fall down. My WAB and skirmish models are based singly, so they fall all over the place in a box. Right now they are in plastic bags, but I'm afraid the paint will chip.

Fire at Will said...

Andrew, yes there are no specific foot figures available in plastic, so I used the Zvezda Strelets instead with a paint job.


Giles said...

Cracking stuff, Will.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff, well impressed, on your comment on paint flaking on lances - have you tried undercoating the lances with Hobbytack? After it dries for a while simply spray paint the undercoat then paint. I treally works and you can just about bend them in 2!!

Fire at Will said...

Never heard of hobbytack in the UK, I've found most methods that claim to prevent flaking eventually flake of after a longer period of wear so metal replacement avoids the problem.