Tuesday, 13 January 2009

They've arrived!

Yes, it seems like good things arrive in three's. First there was the new Rapid Fire book in pdf form covering Russian tank units 1941 to-1942 (link). I'm only part way through, but it is full of lots of different units that can be used in various scenarios. The only downside is that, as always, I'll need more vehicles, and not just the common ones.

Second was my new laptop, delivered this morning, I've been deprived of my own computer for over 3 years and this will enable me to capture my thoughts/jottings as convenient to me. The only downside is learning to cope with Vista. Hopefully, once I have it working OK, I can try Tony De Lyall's computer version of my AWI rules as I suspect my Basic version will not work on the new machine.

Finally, shortly after the laptop the postie delivered the Tabletop Teasers book (link), a quick flick was all that I need to convince me that it was an excellent purchase and will produce lots of memorable games

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