Friday, 6 February 2009

Back to East Africa WW1

Over the last few weeks I have slowly been rebasing my old wargame figures that I used to refight WW1 actions in East Africa. A while ago I had rebased the Indian unit to use in the Russian Civil War/Back of Beyond actions and I now decided to extend my use of Red Actions to cover this aspect of WW1. The figures are over 20 years old and last saw action in St Albans. The British and Kings African Rifles are both Airfix Gurkhas backed up by the old Airfix WW1 RHA gun.

The Germans are Airfix Japanese with a couple of Jacklex officers

The painting is pretty basic and I decided not to bother with trying to upgrade it. The worst moment was as I was gently tapping the artillery to remove the excess static grass when all three figures broke at the ankles and fell off. They are now super-glued in place and I wonder how long they will last once they get into action?

For the games the rules will be basically be Red Actions, plus some elements of my old rules as hidden movement is quite important in this period.


Fraxinus said...

Interesting forgotten corner of WW1Just purchased a book from Oxfam (recommend keeping an eye for history books in their bookshops as can get some bargains...brand new £25 as new £6.99)Tip & run The Untold Tragedy of the Great war in Africa by Edward Paice. Do HAT produce any figures easy to convert to this theatre I wonder?

Maverick Collecting said...

They're starting to!

Fire at Will said...

Don't buy the HaT German Askaris, the sculpting is dreadful. I had cosidered buying them to upgrade my germans, but I sold them at a loss on a B&B. It's still better to use any WW2 Japanese figures with a slightly raised cap at the moment.