Tuesday, 3 February 2009

On the Workbench - Feb 2009

This month will be something of a tidying up operation, so quite a mix of stuff planned
  • A pair of amphibious jeeps for my Russians
  • The IZM armoured car for my Italians, ready for use in a possible East Africa game
  • An Albatross D III for my WW1 Germans, I still need to find some other aircraft for my White and Red Russians
  • More of my fictitious Frundsbergers to fight the Revolutionary French
  • To maintain balance I'll also paint some French and Polish Infantry.
  • Various Celtic command items, including chariots and sacrificing druids (they are supposed to help units morale and since I now have the figures I've decided to try  it)
  • The 4.2 inch mortars for my British and US forces
  • Depending on progress I might paint some spare Springwood Austrian Grenadiers to fight the Revolutionary French as well.

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Allan (AJ) Wright said...

You can probably use Nieuport 17s for your white and red Russian WWI planes.