Monday, 30 March 2009

Salute 2009

OK, where to start with what turned out to be a truly excellent day, an trip down memory lane via the Metropolitan line to Aldgate then the DLR to Excel. I used to live in Harrow not far from the famous Harrow model shop.

The real highlight of the day was the number of people (too many to list) that I ran into on the day, the net result of all this was when I reviewed some other reviews of the show I realised how much I'd missed (and enjoyed) by talking to other kindred spirits.

Of special mention:

  • The Two Fat Lardies from the St Albans Wargames club and still meeting in the same venue (and paintwork I remember), great to see you guys and a big apology to Rich for not finding a gap in his flow to have a few words" Then there were the other Harpenden and North London gamers. Great to see Nick and Darren

  • The southern chapter of the Society of Gentlemen Gamers dragged me off for a pint, great to see you guys

  • Steve the Wargamer and DG - nice to meet you after all the years of correspondence over my AWI/SYW rules

As for the show, It is certainly bigger, better, and more expensive than when I was last there, but still a great showcase for the hobby (and yes, I did get most of the way to London before remembering I'd left my advance ticket behind)

A few notable games I spotted, (others have better cameras , skill and time to get the good pictures I should have taken)

Tenochtitlan (by La Grande Armee) an excellent demo, but looking closely it showed how easily dramatic effects can be produced from simple materials
Barry Hilton's excellent Napoleonic terrain, it looks far better on his website than my picture, very inspiring.

This must be an ultimate piece of terrain modelling, snow covered forest/swamp with a road/railway crossing it
Totally exhausted after the weekend so I'm off to get some kip, I'll add my acquisitions later

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A J said...

Nice to know you had a great time there,Will. I'm looking forward to seeing what you bought.