Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Salute purchasing

Given I'm off to Triples on Sunday I didn't plan to buy a lot at Salute, but as usual I picked up some bargains on the B&B and items from other traders. So what did I get?

  • Airfix/Waterloo WW2 Italian Infantry - a number of part boxes that will provide me with the few spare figures I need to complete my existing forces
  • Caesar H056 WWII Partisans in Europe- a nice boost for my existing partisans
  • Hat Zulu Wars: Natal Native Horse - really the one unit that I'm missing from my Zulu Wars army.
  • Italeri Cannone da 90/53 - two packets of the Italian equivalent of the 88mm, but not that common.
  • Italeri German Motorcycles - the beginnings of a DAK MG battalion
  • Liberation Cannone da 75/27 mod. 11 - a little oddity for my Italians and will equip my Australians for the big game.
  • Matchbox Panzer III - a great find on the B&B
  • Reiver WW1 Pilots - at last someone has spotted a gap in the market since model aircraft don't seem to include pilots anymore
  • SHQ rocket frames for the Sdkfz 251 - I'll be adding them to the re-released Matchbox/Revell kit.
  • SHQ Australian Infantry - I need mortars and other figures, and the Revell Australians seem to have disappeared, so I'm going so see how these fit in and then buy more as necessary at Triples.
  • Skytrex Arm of service signs/Guards Armoured decals - I've given up painting them on.
  • Strelets Early French Carabiniers - these will be getting bicorne head swaps and then off to join my French Revolutionaries.


Late addition, I forgot I bought a copy of Sharp Practice from the Too Fat Lardies


Snickering Corpses said...

Airfix Italians...reminds me I still need to sort out my Italian figures into appropriate units. I've got a box of the Esci/Italeri WW2 Alpini mountain troops, and I intend to snip feathers off the helmeted troops and use them to fill in the ranks alongside the Airfix/HaT troops. Particularly the machine guns.

I want a set or two of those new Caesar partisans as well. They're on my todo list!

How have you found the SHQ Australians to stack up to the Revell figures?

Fire at Will said...

I'll be posting the Australians within the next day or so, but I have kept them as two seperate units one SHQ and the other Revell and you'll see why.

The Under the Bed/Reiver Italians are very nice and they are selling the heads separately so making some conversions of platic figures easier.