Saturday, 23 May 2009

WW2 Greek Infantry

I needed to paint one Greek infantry battalion (27 figures) for the Crete big game. It was very tricky finding some WW2 Greeks in plastic. I nearly bought the metal figures from FAA before deciding on a straight paint conversion of the Esci/Italeri Italian Mountain troops.
At the time of the German invasion the Greeks were in the process of changing their uniform so you could find either the British Helmet or their version of the Italian Helmet. Therefore all of these are in the Italian helmet with the green/khaki uniform The officer and HMG come from the Emhar WW1 set, which was the next nearest fit in plastic.
The most useful site I have found in English is
I still need to sort a 20 figure unit of Greek Gendarmerie, so if you have any links/ideas, please let me know

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