Wednesday, 17 June 2009

DAK motorbikes

perhaps its me, but whenever I upload images I find flaws in my painting. These are the recent Italeri German motorcycle combos. They are nice models but quite fiddly to paint and the colours still look too distinct. I was quite happy with the Vallejo Russian Uniform until I saw the picture close up.

Aaahh well , on to the weekend when I'm off to the big game.


Chris said...

I couldn't agree more. I keep telling myself that I should take a photo before the final touch up but I have never got around to it.

Seeing your WWII models tempts me to sell my 15mm stuff on eBay and switch to 20mm!

Fire at Will said...

Chris, I have the opposite feeling whenever I see 15mm WW2, but I have so much 20mm it is far too late for me to change over!

Anonymous said...

Try covering them with vallejo brown glaze ans some parts with black glaze

Tony Smallwood said...

Hi Will
At the risk of telling you old news , may i suggest coating the figures in Johnsons Klear polish , then take come paynes grey acrylic artists paint, thin it to wash consistency and paint on.It basically pulls in all your paintwork and adds natural and subtle depth.Then finish in matt varnish.
Incidentally Will i,m looking at producing a new Wargames Magazine in aproximately 2 months time , essentially following a whats new/ review approach .I would be greatly interested in hearing your opinions of the hobby from your unique perspective.
By the way i also have the same DAK dilemma 1/76 or 1/72 too .

Fire at Will said...

Hi Tony, yes I've tried various combinations of washes, inks and varnishes but however good the result looks, once it gets under the camera lens all the flaws appear. It also seems that there is a version of murphy's law for painting, such that no matter how much you try to get the same effect it is impossible to do so by repeating the same technique.

You must be very brave to consider producing a new wargames magazine at present, but if ou would like input then let me know.