Tuesday, 23 June 2009

More expenditure

While catching up on my email yesterday I found the latest releases from Netmerchants with the Zvezda Russian Artillery of Peter the Great, so I was hooked and caught up on all those purchases that I might have made at Phalanx. This morning the box of goodies arrived so I'm now committed to painting quite an assortment.

  • 1 x Caesar WWII Underground Resisters/Partisans - having bought the recent set I decided that they could do with more variety
  • 1 x HAT French Napoleonic Light Ambulance - having been using medics and an ambulance over the weekend I bought this to add to my baggage train, but I'm not sure I need all three
  • 1 x HAT French Napoleonic Pontoon Wagon - I'll probably make up one in position and another in transit, but given the soft plastic I decided to start with just one, especially as you need a limber team for it. as well.
  • 1 x HAT Macedonian Hypaspists - the last unit for my Macedonian army, just a shame its in the new softer plastic rather than the same as the rest of the figures.
  • 1 x HAT Colonial Wars Highlanders - couldn't resist, they'll be off to fight the Zulus and give my other units a rest.
  • 1 x HAT Colonial Wars Indian Infantry
  • 2 x MINIART Housits XV Century - I'm planning to use the wagons for my Renaissance Poles.
  • 1 x STRELETS Medieval Levy 2 - these will provide me with sufficient medieval spearmen
  • 3 x ZVEZDA Russian Artillery of Peter the Great - enough said these are awesome and will replace my existing artillery in my Austrian/Imperial army.

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