Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Half year review

With both the SOGG big game and Gauntlet out of the way it is a good point to see how the year is turning out so far. My database shows 694 items completed so far, which is comparable to last years output. However the breakdown is strange with a very low proportion of cavalry.

576 Infantry
43 cavalry
23 gunners
30 bits of equipment (guns vehicles, etc.)
22 bits of terrain

By period

235 French Revolutionary era (now virtually finished)
231 WW2 (mainly the figures for the big game)
91 Colonial (dominantly the boxers I painted for the Guild challenge)
76 War of Spanish Succession (the recent Bavarian splurge)
24 Ancients (just some Celtic command)
22 terrain (mainly for SOTCW/Gauntlet)
15 other bits

So where now? Looking back at my year plan I will continue with my WSS work, especially as Zvezda has brought out suitable artillery, and complete my HYW English army for WRG 6th.

The rest will be as whim and new releases take me, so far I have resisted the 28mm ECW foot, I'm trying to wait until cavalry is available before taking the plunge

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