Tuesday, 22 September 2009

HYW English Knights

At last! It seems ages since my last figure post and more will follow shortly.

For the Men at Arms I have used a combination of figures from various manufacturers, Zvezda, Revell, Strelets and Italeri. Both the Italeri and Zvezda have patterns moulded on to the shields and horses. It seems at first like a useful idea, but there is only a limited number of poses so there is a lot of duplication, hence the mixing up of the Revell and Zvezda figures.

I have kept the Italeri Knights as a separate unit (front left above) as I plan to use them as False-French given they have fleur-de-lys


Andy McMaster said...

They look spot on there Will. Very nicely done!


Giles said...

Those are indeed fantastic - excellent heraldry and painting!

Best wishes


Fire at Will said...

I did enjoy these, once I got into the flow