Monday, 19 October 2009

Northumberland travels (3)

Yes, I'm safely back and already started on my October painting.

(Historical) high points of the last few days were another walk to Dunstanburgh on a rather damp but atmospheric day, certainly assisted by dropping in on the Ship Inn in Lower Newton on the way there and back, out of the selection of own brewed beers the Ship Hop Ale was my favourite, another great recommendation by Harry Pearson.
The next day was even wetter, so it was off to Warkworth, the Percy's second residence after Alnwick, It's a lovely old town dominated by the castle, which never gets mentioned in Kingmaker, just very soggy on the day we were there.
Our final day was gloriously sunny, but with a strong wind so we revisited Bamburgh twice, once by bike and again up the beach on foot.

We had debated stopping in Durham on the return, but settled for a short stop at Barnard Castle, named after Bernard de Balliol, quite an impressive castle overlooking a crossing of the Tees. The bit that amazed me was that it fell to rebels because its water supply was cut off, given it had a well, I wonder how this happened.

A lot of history in a short time, it was a shame that a number of sites had closed at the end of September, but there was still plenty to see and do. In general the weather was kind, so a successful "staycation".

More pictures on flickr for those who might be interested


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Blimey - there's a lot of castles in Northumbria!!

Nice photo's of Bamburgh, but I think the photo's of Warkworth (especially the one of the bridge) are especially fine..

Andy McMaster said...

Nice to see some pics of my local sites! Despite having English Heritage and National Trust membership the family usually insist on the big house/garden stuff so I don't get to see the castle that often!

Good stuff anyway and thanks for posting it.


Fire at Will said...

Andy, yes it's typical that you don't go to places in your "own backyard" I worked opposite the national gallery for years and didn't visit till a return trip to London with my daughters!


PPTONI58 said...