Monday, 22 February 2010

Bolshevik horde!

For once I'm ahead of schedule having completed everything a week early, so here is my Bolshevik horde using the Strelets Summer and Winter Red Army figures. Both sets have a mix of figures with and without the characteristic budenovka. My units are made for use with the Red Actions rules for the Russian Civil War and as such I keep the officers based separately. The HMGs are from the Hat WW1 Russian Heavy Weapons set.

Summer uniform with budenovka folded up

Winter uniform, all in greatcoats and the budenovka folded down
Overall a nice pair of sets, but I would have preferred there to be no lying figures. I had to use the ones with greatcoats as they included the Vickers LMGs.

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The Belgian, said...

Nice figures! also nice basing and trees!

Are the trees, christmas decorations?
I missed them again in the local shops! :(