Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Triples 2010 (3) the other stuff

Well, I took my wife along so it was one day at the show plus more days looking at historical sites and hill walking.

On the way going was Peveril castle near Castleton, combined with a walk round over Mam Tor, an excellent day and quite warm for the season.

Next was onto Bolsover to see their castle, a real C17 reconstruction of a castle, plus sizable additions. The Titian Cesaers were nothing special, so luckily we managed to finish before the surprisingly early closure (on Friday/Saturday)

After the Triples it was off to Conisbrough Castle quite an impressive site now the access to the keep has been restored.

Then onto Brodsworth Hall very much a typical stately home. I was interested to see the original picture of the capture of the Royal Charles by the Dolphin in 1667 in the Dutch Wars

The on a wet Monday with hill fog it was back to Cheshire, missing out a planned trip up Alport Castles (a rocky ridge not an actual castle)

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Bluebear Jeff said...

lovely photos, sir. Thank you.

-- Jeff