Wednesday, 5 May 2010

On the workbench - May/June 2010

Slight change this month with a (almost) two month target. This fits in with the need to prepare for the two games at the end of June and the fact that I'll be away for a while tramping the Highlands contemplating the purchase of Strelets Jacobites (or some such). So

The big game - I'm the German defender on Sword beach on D-day and I still need to:
  • Rebase/upgrade around 60 German infantry
  • Provide crews for 2 x Festung Pak 50mm
  • Build/paint two Alby Marder I's

Then there is Gauntlet. the Rif Wars game where I am mainly providing the terrain so I have to provide:

  • Wharves for Afrau harbour
  • More palm tree triangles (I have the trees I just need to base them)
  • Several new long ridges/hills
  • A Mosque
  • 3 x village/road bases
  • More dirt road
  • Moroccan Flags and any other local colour (ideas welcomed)
  • Rebase deciduous trees (they are really showing their age, now over 40 years old made of copper wire and rubberised horsehair)

Then there are the various left overs I've not yet completed:

  • Wallers horse - nearing completion, just need to find a flag.
  • Russian court - I keep adding the odd colours but progress is low.
  • I'll probably do the Milicast Brummbar and Hummel at the same time as the Marder I's
  • In addition I'll complete the Black Powder Casualty bases that I forgot to mention that I am working on.

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