Saturday, 30 October 2010

have you seen my friends?

Yes, it's a Romanian R1, made by Milicast and part of my Crewe purchases. It's really tiny as you can see compared to a couple of Panzer IIIs I have smartened up. Two points intrigued me firstly 11 vehicles reinforced the Romanian 2nd Armored Regiment in Czechoslovakia in 1945 and secondly that new models were purchased by Ethiopia in 1948!

My other effort was on a befehlswagen III for the Afrika Korps, the modelling was the same as my earlier version and at the same time I worked on a couple of extra Panzer IIIs
Hopefully I'll post my other desert stuff once I get back from Leeds.


Paul Liddle said...

I do like your WW2 stuff,it makes me fancy digging out my Rapid Fire toys.



Anonymous said...

I love the DAK armour-what colour do you use as I have never been happy with the results I have managed to achieve?


Fire at Will said...

Matt, the colour is Humbrol acrylic sand (63) as a base then dry brushed with the same colour 50/50 with white. However, I'm still using some old paint from before the re-release of humbrol acrylics so I'm not sure if the shade has stayed the same, as their enamel, which I use as undercoat, is more orange