Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Fiasco Leeds

It was an early start to get to Leeds from the other side of the Pennines. But we made it in sufficient time to get set up before the show opened (The clock change was a great help). For various reasons the Lance & Longbow Society game was Fornovo 1495, a game that I've played before. In concept it's very simple The Italians attack the flank of the French army on the march. However there is a river to cross and because of rain in the mountains it is swollen and difficult to cross. Typically, my dice rolling revealed no fordable areas in my half of the board, but the kindly umpire let me spend another turn looking and I managed to find a couple of passages. I gradually managed to get across, but my deployment was too cramped and there was no chance of preventing the French escaping off the table.

Only managed to take one picture of the game and it was blurred.

The new venue is a lot better than the old one, with more space and much better lighting. However it seemed that the number of attendees was down and they didn't stay that long. It began to get quiet after 1pm. The mix of traders was strange as well certainly compared to Sheffield and Derby so I do wonder if the show is sustainable in the long term. It was particularly noticable to us that there were two empty games tables and a trader missing, which doesn't help.

Of the other games I only managed to take a photo of the magnificent Hougoument on the next table.


scotty said...

I know what you meen about the show. It was my first time at Fiasco for over 15 years. Noticed the empty tables. Also managed to check out your game as well as some of the other displays.

prclarke4 said...

Cheers Will ....me and Nev "Sheffield and Rotherham Chosen Men" ....enjoyed the show and hope to be putting on the Hougomont demo at a few more:)

cheers Paul

Lon said...

re the empty tables, both participation games were to be run by Forge Games, one Warmachine, and the other Hordes. Unfortunately Forge Games ceased trading at the end of September , but didn't get in contact with us,(I only found out this morning) otherwise we could have filled the spaces.

Andy D
Leeds Wargames Club

Fire at Will said...

Andy, thanks for the feedback. Not driving to this show I did hear comments that parking charges were partly the reason for the early exodus (but not something in your control).

Paul, sorry not to have spoken even though you were only a few feet away.