Saturday, 20 November 2010

Zvezda Art of Tactics figures

Having brought one set of all the figures boxes I couldn't resist having a good look and assembling them.

Each infantry box has 2 sprues each of 5 infantrymen in three poses, plus a large multi base and five small bases. The bases are quite chunky so I won't be using them. The figures are quite nicely sculpted and will certainly add some variety to my forces.

The MG sets were really what I was after. The German is an excellent representation of a low tripod mounted MG34, but the rear legs of the tripod is quite difficult to fit, but the overall effect is excellent, the only downside is that the No2 has binoculars rather than ammo belts. The Russian Maxim set much easier and the downside here is that the wheels are solid rather than spoked.

Some more details are on the Zvezda Art of Tactic site


Paul´s Bods said...

They don´t look too bad. I might get the russinas so i can use the maxim on my WWI planes

Fire at Will said...

Paul, that should work OK, just be aware that the gunners left arm is fixed to the maxim.

The Belgian, said...

The figures look good but that large base looks crap!

What about the price of these figures? Are they avaible in multiple packs?


Fire at Will said...

price is £2.50 a pack ot 10 figures or 2 MGs. EU prices seem to be 3 Euro.

In bulk to only way might be to buy the game, but I haven't seen it on sale yet.

catweasel said...

They are designed for Zvezdas Art of Tactic wargame which is why they are based a bit strangely. I'll be getting some of the german mg's. How do the scale up against other figures.

The Belgian, said...

Tnaks for the quick response!

Andrew said...

That's an interesting looking game. It seems like Zvezda is building on the current interest of independently produced board games. The whole setup looks vaguely like the Settlers of Catan game.