Sunday, 9 January 2011

Russian Infantry

I've completed the Zvezda Art of tactic Russian figures. The pair of MMG teams are easy to spot as I kept them complete. The rest are scattered amongst the Pegasus Russians in summer uniform and are the ones with helmets. Conveniently the Zvezda riflemen had puttees like the Pegasus figures, they are slightly bigger but not enough to notice in normal use.

The Zvezda infantry are not that cheap at £2.50 for 10 figures and given there are only 3 poses of which the pointing NCO is really distinctive I wouldn't recommend buying them. The MMGs are much better value as they provide something that is difficult to find in plastic except with full sets. The Pegasus figures have only one LMG in the whole sprue but otherwise a good standard set of plastic figures and with the puttees and side caps different from other sets.


Rafael Pardo said...

Not my era but I own several Zvezda Napoleonic kits. This firm is one of the better in th1 plastic 1/72 market!

Modelmaker said...


Fantastic work!

I am waiting for my Zvezda russians, but don't expect to much.

They were produced for a wargame, may not be compared with another Zvezda figures!

Best regards!


Fire at Will said...

Yes rather flat in styling, but the additional sets promised engineers, AA, etc could provide a lot of missing figures from normal sets.