Saturday, 30 April 2011

Schwartzgarde (Prussian) Hussars

My other unit of Hussars this month are from my imagi-nation and represent the Schwartzgarde Hussars. Originally I had intended for the braiding to be red, but I was so pleased with the effect of the white undercoat I left it as is. Therefore the figures are very similar to the Prussian hussars.

The figures are from Zvezda and are substantially larger than the Revell equivalents.

The commander of the Swartzgarde, Count Vladislav, has his own personal standard.


Docsmith said...

Gotta love those Zvezda figures - among the most beautifully animated and sculpted 20mm (or so) plastics around. A very nice paint and basing job on them as well.


Paul´s Bods said...

Even though zvezda figs are a bit bigger than most other 1/72nd´s they are among the best on the market. Nice painting :-D