Tuesday, 12 July 2011

AEC Armoured Car

Picked up this rather battered resin kit at Crewe for £1.00 in the hope that it was repairable. It was and it now finished, It's the Mk I version of the AEC Armoured Car with the Valentine turret and was used in the late stages of the war in the desert. I found out late on that the model was made by Gramodels.
Behind is a Bofors tractor, which was also purchased and needed repaired and repainted


Tim Gow said...

An AEC! I am deeply jealous. I have some old Gramodels - they tended to do weird stuff you couldn't get elsewhere.

Fire at Will said...

Yes, when peering though the dirty plastic bag at the components I thought it was the Mk III. Iit's a nice addition to my Desert forces especially for Tunisia. I just wonder what was in the other bags!

Nick Grant said...

Aww, it's very cute!

Nice work,


A J said...

It's a neat little model, and you can't beat the price.