Sunday, 10 July 2011

On the Workbench - July 2011

Bit of a mix this month. The main item is to create a unit of Italian Marines for The SOGG big game coming up next month.

Otherwise it's catching up with what's unfinished last month/May.
  • Sturmboot 42
  • British AEC Armoured Car
  • Airfix Bofors tractor
  • US Paratroop Battalion
Plus a few extras
  • Hat 4.5" howitzers and crews (I couldn't resist)
  • Guns for my SYW Hanoverians (I picked up some at Phalanx)
  • US 75mm pack howitzers and paratroop crews
The howitzers were part of an order from Harfields to ensure my stocks did not run down to fast in spite of my targets.

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