Wednesday, 2 November 2011

On the Workbench - November 2011

Well the Battenburg regiment is finished, just needs a picture taken before it appears here. Typically the Bashi-bazouks are still lurking in the corner of my painting table. I occasionally splash a bit of paint on a few to keep them quiet, but I need to settle down and get them finished. It's just it's working on them individually. otherwise I hope to complete:
  • Frundsberg Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Generals and maybe Jaegers if I can find an extra couple of Austrian SYW figures (I've missed out on a couple of eBay auctions this month)
  • A regiment of Glowstein Grenadiers (this should complete the forces needed for my campaign)
  • A selection of Zvezda mini-boxes, certainly the 152/122mm artillery, motorcycles, engineers and recon.
  • I'll try and make some inroads into the resin kits and work on the SU76s and a STZ-5


abdul666 said...

Hope to learn more about the Glowstein Grenadiers.
Did not Frundsberg already had an unit of Jaeger?

Fire at Will said...

Yes, well spotted, there is an existing unit of Jaegers, but these new ones will be painted to my current standard. I've also an idea to add a regiment of Battenburg Kuirassiers.