Sunday, 20 May 2012

Triples Day 1 - Swiss get trounced

Back from Triples, only a one day visit this year. The Lance and Longbow game was Grandson 1475 with lots of colourful Swiss and Burgundian banners.

The Swiss Vorhut (vanguard)

The waiting Burgundians

Charles the Bold leading some Perry plastic men at arms

The Vorhut gets stuck in

Anything but a ten on a d10 and the swiss continue on - guess what I rolled

A couple of pictures of the Barnsley lads Sicily game, the terrain looks strikingly similar to Leros


Sander said...

looking great, thanks for sharing!

Remco said...

Cool army, like the colorful flags a lot

Bob Spruster said...

Some cool looking tables, Will. Sorry you had to roll that ten! Looks like you were using Poleaxed for rules, yes?

Grimsby Mariner said...

good looking game and thanks for the help with explaining the rules whilst playing. not something all the games did and so it is appreciated.

Fire at Will said...

Bob - yes the rules were Polaxed, I only play using them at the L&L events so I'm always struggling to remember the factors, etc.

Grimsby Mariner - nice to meet you. We do try to engage with the public as much as possible and I consider it's one of the most important parts of putting on a demo game.