Saturday, 30 June 2012

Come on Tim

or a great day out with Tim Gow!

Popped cross the Pennines to meet up with Tim Gow (Megablitz and more blog)  Tim was interested in some of my trades and suggested a get-together.  Had a great day out playing games and discussing wargaming design and people and events we had in common.

In the morning Tim ran me through the concept of Megablitz, but obviously on a 1-1 basis it wasn't possible to experience the full effect as it is a game designed for multi-player and its the interfaces between the players within the command structures.  Still it gave a good feel for me on how to apply it as a game, if I can get enough players together to give it a try.

Then there was Nato Brigade Commander, as applied to the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965, played on hexes with manoeuvre units being battalions (or exceptionally companies).  I took the Pakistanis with a Mission to break through the Indian defensive line.  With two locations to take I went for the bluff of a strike down the main road (L->R) while manoeuvring on right and left to outflank the Indian positions
With my poorer quality morale my fist attempt on my right failed in disorder as was driven off, this was reinforced by some excellent shooting by the Indian Centurions (needing 1 to it on a d10- result two 1s)
Later my left flank sweep also became unstuck as my Armour/Infantry failed to deal with the Indian Shermans and then in a devastating second round were wiped out, although the Shermans were virtually eliminated.
However this left me with almost no infantry, so there was no  way I could achieve my objectives of taking the two villages, which were firmly held by Indian Infantry.  At this point I conceded that I couldn't achieve my objectives, but it turned out that Tim hadn't achieved his either , which was to eliminate half the Pakistan armour.

A great game with lots to think about, and thanks to Tim for running the games and providing copious amounts of tea.

We also traded a some bits and pieces, so hopefully both our stashes are slightly more organised

Thanks again Tim

Only one week to Gauntlet

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Tim Gow said...

Great to see you Will. My report on the NBC game will the fullness of time!