Monday, 11 June 2012

DAK half tracks

Not quite the trio I had planned, the command version of the Sdkfz 251/3 is on hold, as I'm now planning to look at a command/OP kit available from SHQ who will be at Phalanx next weekend.   So the extra addition is a Sdkfz 250 with a squeeze bore 28mm, I had been planning to use this 250 for another project, but when I found I needed one for one of the Monty's battles scenarios I had to include it.
The 250 is an old Milicast model (again picked up at Crewe) plus the old Airfix Afrika Korps gun, which is close to the 28mm.  The other pair are both Matchbox with the 250/7pioneer variant using a bridge from an Esci 250/7. 


Kukuruza said...

Greetings to Rommel! Fine looking stuff :-)

peter said...

Looks real good Will. Keep them coming!