Monday, 18 June 2012

Phalanx show part 1

Had a great weekend, the Phalanx show in St Helens on Saturday and then a Gentlemen Pensioners game in Manchester on Sunday.

Most of my time was spent re-fighting Ravenna 1512 on the Lance & Longbow stand, this was the same game that we put on at York in February, but given it's the five hundredth anniversary of the battle this year it seems only fair.  This time around I played the Spanish commander Ramón de Cardona hoping that I could prevent the historical French victory.

The view from the incomplete Spanish camp with the French massing

A massed assault all along the line

After a couple of failed attempts the French break into the camp, by now all the Spanish guns had been abandoned.

Shortly afterwards I conceded defeat

I haven't taken any other pictures of the show and only a few of the game because the light at the show makes everything too yellow even with flash.  John from my club took quite a number  for his show report so have a look on his blog 28mm Heaven.  He also included a picture of me explaining that personally I couldn't lose as my performance could be no worse than the Spanish achieved on the day

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