Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Gauntlet - Hue

The Sunday SOTCW game should have been Cold War Commander, but a last minute change meant a rethink. I was trawling the web for something unrelated when I found a scenario set in Hue at the time of the Tet offensive by AlCal (link). It was an almost perfect fit, it carried on the Vietnam theme, but was quite a different style of engagement and it used a lot of the scenery built for previous SOTCW games at Gauntlet.

Overview of the table the US players have to fight their way north through Hue up Route 1 from (bottom left to top right)

View from the North. The rules used for this game was FUBAR with a few additions for Nam

A pleasant surprise for the Yanks a pair of M48's and a squad of ARVN. Luckily their LOACH had managed to contact then and warn of the troops approach.

After dealing with a VC HMG the next problem was a bunch of hostages being held in the elementary school by a VC death squad. Outside was a fuel tanker. Keeping what they though was a safe distance an M48 Brewed it before the US/ARVN troops assaulted the school. Unfortunately the blast radius was slightly wider and one man was lost.

On the other flank there was tough resistance from VC occupying the French consulate

As an M48 turned the corner an RPG streaked towards it, hitting with no effect. The user was promptly eliminated by the Loach circling overhead.

The next major obstacle was the bridge over the Phu Cam canal. The assault was led my an M113, only to find yet another RPG waiting, luckily who missed. (This was the case with all the RPG fire they either missed or had no effect due to my bad rolling)
It was a tough battle to cross the canal and clear the surrounding buildings, but by the end of the day the road was clear though to the North. Unfortunately I was so involved in the action I failed to take any more pictures, but there are a lot up on the Deeside Defenders facebook page and the SOTCW forum.

I should mention what happened on the right flank, The ARVN/US force struggled to break through the gate into the school, and by the time they had done so the hostages had all been executed and the VC had disappeared. They would shortly reappear via a secret tunnel once the US had boarded their vehicles. There then followed one of those events where everything when right for the NVA player (very rare in FUBAR, all the units activated and almost all shot effectively so by the end of the turn most of two US squads had been eliminated, however retribution followed as the US applied their considerable firepower.

Overall a great couple of days gaming

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adeptgamer said...

Looks like tons of fun! My club is only starting to build its terrain collection and seeing such a sweet battle field makes me envious :)