Friday, 5 October 2012

Off to Derby in the morning

Finished the 25pdrs and quads this afternoon, but no time to take any pictures.

It'll be an early start to travel across to Derby to man the Lance & Longbow stand. But hopefully I'll manage to get around the games traders and B&B while I'm there.

If you are passing please stop and say Hello.

Finally, for fun, this old picture includes one of the Lardies, but which?


Phil Broeders said...

Some impressive facial hair there.

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Isn't that Captain Sensible third from the right?

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

LOVE those mutton chops... :o))

Is the Lardie the one on the far right??? Seem to recognise him...

Fire at Will said...

Steve W, the one on the right is Richard Case

Steve - Stoke yes the slim gentleman with the scarf is Richard Clarke now chief lardie