Tuesday, 2 October 2012

On the Workbench - October 2012

Last months good start got disrupted by holidays and then the need for some extra British for the Sudan. October is going to have a lots of interruptions as well, starting off with Derby this weekend, then the Alamein game two weeks after, and then Fiasco in Leeds to finish off.

So my main priority is to finish off everything that's lying around, and it's quite a lot and I think most of the month will be spent dealing with it and preparing for the big game. Currently on the bench in order of progress.

  • Matilda Scorpion - just a couple of decals and a dry brush to finish off
  • 25pdr batteries - rather more - final detailing, painting windows (and there's a lot ),decals and then dry brushing
  • Some minefield markers - last touches and some static grass
  • ACW cavalry - more complicated, I've finished painting the new figures, but I'm going to mix them in with my existing ones and then rebase the lot.
  • British Sudan Cavalry - once I realised I wouldn't finish them in time I put them to one side about 50% completed 
  • British 2pdr and 6pdr AT guns - I need to sort out the remaining crew for these.
  • Finally tidy up the basing for my British units to be used in the big game.
Hopefully I'll then get chance to start on more of my DAK vehicles and guns, but I'll not commit for the moment till after I've been to Derby and made the final checks for the big game.

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Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing your ACW figures!