Monday, 30 September 2013

Derby - the booty and the fate of the box!

Firstly may I introduce the mystery man who accepted the box of assorted plastic goodies(for more details see my earlier post). Having made the handover , I then found him again a bit later sitting at a table trawling through the box. I hadn't intended to take a blurred picture but it does add to his air of mystery.

His real identity will be revealed in due course, but enjoy guessing.

Onto the booty - I had decided in advance that I would try and only buy stuff for my current projects. I was a bit unhappy at Plastic Soldier that they didn't sell any reinforcement packs for their 1/72 range, so I'll have to try and find a single sprue of German Heavy Weapons elsewhere. I had hoped that they would have the US Heavy Weapons by now, so my US upgrade project will now be deferred to the new year. As a result a modest round of purchases mainly from the B&B:
  • A pair of 20mmZone Lorraine Schlepper 150mm guns, newly out in lightweight resin based on the old Skytrex master, just what my DAK need, there were lots of interesting new vehicles on the stand, but these will allow me to assess the quality of their offering.
  • Italeri Panzerjaeger I, a gift from David P, which will go to boost my Barbarossa forces
  • Another gift, an Italeri Persian Cavalry chariot, which enables me to use my Celts as Galatians
  • Italeri French Imperial General Staff -  a few figures of generals and ADCs off the B&B, which will be quickly painted for the Leipzig game 
  • Italeri French Dragoons - again a number of oddments from the B&B, but will provide the Empress Dragoons for the game
  • 2 x Matchbox Sdkfz 251 - honest I do "need" them, I just have to check how many 10th Panzer used in Tunisia
  • a single Matchbox Panzer III - I'm slowly collecting enough to be able to do the Alam Halfa scenario from RF Monty's Desert Battles  
  • Matchbox Priest
  • Plastic Soldier M3 Half tracks  (3)
  • Zvezda German 81mm Mortar a single pack as I keep running out of mortars
  • 2 x Zvezda German 105mm Howitzers - these are to provide a second artillery battalion for 2nd Panzer, which is better than the 75mm FK-16 nA that I would have been using (link)
  • 2 x Zvezda German 37mm AT guns (one for the early war AT posted earlier this month and the another for use on a Sdkfz251/10
  • Twenty pots of assorted Vallejo paints for £6 - I always need odd colours and this had quite a selection and I hope the assurance that they're all still OK is true.
  • Finally a copy of Blitzkrieg Commander (BKC) so I can consider resurrecting my 6mm WW2 eastern front and western desert stuff.
The only other positive from the show was the chance to meet up with lots of old friends and compare war stories.

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Andrew Canham said...

6mm Western Desert with BKCII - I'm there already Will, let me know which side you're doing and I'll make sure mine are ready too!